Leaderless Library Policy


The Leaderless Library is an open archive of texts, resources, and tools for anyone who is interested in decentralized thought, systems, campaigns, organisms and/or organizations.

The Leaderless Library’s collection is comprised of contributions from the community. We encourage you to submit links to literature, tutorials, videos, relevant organizations and events both virtual and IRL, along with any other resources you feel may be of interest to the community.

You can contribute to the Leaderless Library by sending an email to [email protected]. Please make sure that your submission includes a TITLE, a LINK, a CATEGORY, and any RELEVANT TAGS.

Good Faith Policy

The Leaderless Library asks users to make contributions in good faith. Before submitting or flagging a link, please consider how it pertains to decentralization, distributed systems, and the other values and interests of the community. We also ask that you make an honest appraisal of the material’s merits — low-quality readings are not generally helpful to the community.


All entries in the leaderless library are fall into one of the following categories:

  • Articles
  • Research (white papers, studies, data)
  • Background Reading (manifestos, theory, fiction)
  • How-To (tutorials, documentation)
  • Organizations (other groups/publications)
  • Events & Campaigns
  • Other/Misc

Tagging & Flagging

When submitting a link, please tag it appropriately, and provide a brief summary. This helps us organize materials and makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

If you find a something in the Leaderless Library that you feel should be removed, please flag it for our review by sending an email to [email protected].

Examples of good reasons to flag a something:

  • The link is dead or expired
  • The link is improperly categorized
  • The link is redundant (i.e. the link already appears on the Leaderless Library)
  • You believe the link to be spam, porn, or hate speech

Examples of bad reasons to flag a something:

  • The linked material expresses an idea or opinion that you disagree with
  • The link is about someone or something you personally dislike
  • You do not understand the linked material
  • “For the lulz”

Editorial Policy

We reserve the exclusive right to determine whether any content submitted to the Leaderless Library constitutes spam, porn, or hate speech, and to remove such content from the page as we see fit.