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  • AMA With Origin Team Reveals Plans for Decentralized Sharing Economy (via Nick Marinoff for Bitcoin Magazine)

    Matt Liu, Josh Fraser and former PayPal head Yu Pan want to bring the blockchain to the sharing economy. The trio is devising a platform with an emphasis on inclusive, peer-to-peer service hubs designed to decentralize the same consumer cost-friendly business models that have made companies like Airbnb, Uber and Lyft so popular in recent years.

  • Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Appears at House Hearing (via NY Times)

    Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, is testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the moderation of online content. He is expected to face accusations that Twitter demonstrates political bias.

  • 22 states ask court to restore net neutrality (via The Verge)

    Attorneys general representing 22 states and the District of Columbia asked a federal court to reinstate net neutrality, saying the Federal Communications Commission failed to properly consider the issues when removing the policy in 2017.

  • Despite What You Hear, The ICO Is Not Over (via Forbes)

    The total amount raised in the second quarter of 2018 is: $8.4 billion dollars. That doesn’t sound like a dead market to me. It’s true that half the new ICOs in the second quarter were unable to raise more than $100K in funding. But this suggests a downgrade in the quality of listings. That is no surprise to anyone who has watched this sector over several years. A market with virtually no barriers to entry for upstarts is going to attract...well, just about anyone.

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