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  • Gaslighting in the Networked Age (via Gizmodo)

    The word "gaslighting" has its origins in the in Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play "Gas Light", in which a woman is slowly driven insane by her husband who systematically lied to her about whether their gas light was dimming. By allowing abusers remote access to their victims appliances, doorbells, and yes, lights, the internet of things brings gaslighting full circle.

  • Delete Your Account (via The Guardian)

    Jaron Lanier was at Pioneerworks in Red Hook, Brooklyn last night, playing unusual instruments and discussing his newest book "10 Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Account Right Now." Lanier, the computer scientist and polymath writer whom many consider to be "the father of VR" argues in the book that the incentives and protocols of social media are making people sadder, more fractious, and less able to survive the challenges confronting our species in the immediate future.

  • Big Ole Bitcoin Hack (via The Guardian)

    The world's most popular cryptocurrency dropped $500 in value on Sunday, June 10, when Coinrail confirmed a hack had taken place on their exchange. Bitcoin is currently valued at $6,720 at the time of this post, down from a high of $19,738 in December. Other cryptocurrencies also took a hit as a result of the hack.

  • Study: File-Sharers May Spend More on Content (via Motherboard)

    Torrenting and other P2P file-sharing technologies represent a serious threat to the business models of legal distribution, or at least that's the conventional wisdom. But a study released by UK researchers indicates that this narrative may not hold water. 83 percent of torrenters reported that they tried to find content through legal means before deciding to pirate, and more torrenters subscribe to legal streaming services like Netflix than the general (non-torrenting) population.

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